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Vacuum Technologies - IFL Group

Vacuum Technologies Limited the vacuum division of Industrial Facilities are recognised as one of the top vacuum suppliers in the UK.

Vacuum is commonly referred to as "all Smoke & Mirrors" and is often miss sold resulting in poor productivity and reliability. The problems are compounded as general suppliers of vacuum scratch their heads to identify the actual issues and often repeat the errors by offering an alliterative product that may or may not solve the problem.

Vuototecnica Products

Vacuum Technologies and their supply partners have over 45 years vacuum industry knowledge and have one of the largest and most efficient product ranges in the world.

Vacuum technologies Products & Services Include:

Vuototecnica Catalogue

System Evaluation - To understand specific need and report on the best solution

Vacuum Equipment - With over 5,000 items to chose from suction cups to vacuum pump systems ensures 100% success.

Energy Evaluation - Whatever your vacuum application we can advise on the best pumps, generator, suction cups and control for your system.

Vacuum Pick and Place robot

Vacuum Trials - Vacuum technologies conduct vacuum trials for vacuum lifting or pick and place applications and guarantee any proposal given.

Whatever your vacuum requirements there is no to take a chance on your next purchase. For more information please call us at 01908 227892 or email

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