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Energy Management

Industry today is always trying to find new ways to reduce energy costs. There are many existing methods available which can be utilised from existing equipment which may have a huge impact on your energy usage.

Many companies however have not adopted these conventional methods ether due to capital investment or major suppliers just not informing customer of the full otions available

Industrial Facilities Group can assist companies by evaluating installed equipment and understanding the  operating environment.

By understanding how the equipment is being operated as well as the other facilities being utilised as part of the customers operation enable IFL to provide a range of Energy Reduction techniques to reduce your energy bill and improve production where possible

Opportunities to explore:

System Control - By understating the requirements for production the control of machinery delivering the production system can have a dramatic effect to improve efficiency, reliability and thus reduce costs.

For example - Compressed air equates to approx 10% of all
energy being used in industry today and that government 
authorities estimate that up to 30% of this is being wasted
due to leaks or inadequate control.

IFL can install air flow and energy monitoring equipment to
establish the current operating parameters of the installed equipment

By understating what is required and how the plant currently delivers

effective control can ensure that the installed equipment proved the correct flow & pressure improving efficiency. If there are more than one air compressor
we have controllers which can control the complete

factories requirements ensuring the most efficient mode 

of operation is made for the specif demand.

For more information on control systems please
call us now on tel: 01908 226450

Heat Recovery - Heat Recovery from compressed is not a new concept but many manufacturers insist that the best way to achieve results is to invest in new machinery....


FACT: It is possible to recover up to 94% of the input energy from a lubricated screw type compressor.

  • Spaces Heating

  • Heat Water (domestic use or boiler feed)

  • Wash Down Water


FACT: It is possible to achieve this from
approx 95% of existing compressors 

IFL have a range of heat recovery modules designed
to be fitted to almost every manufacture of air compressor.


This utilises the main energy source from the heat dispersed
from the Oil Cooler from the discharged point of the air end
and where the oil is at its hottest.



Other energy saving options from IFL are:

  • Leak Detection & Repair - air loss means loss of money as your compressor operates just to satisfy the leaks

  • Automation - By automating a process this can reduce manning costs and increase productivity

  • Air Quality Testing - Poor air quality often leads to plant or equipment malfunction as well as increased wear with the system itself increasing maintenance cost and equipment failure.

For more information on our heat recovery options please contact us now on tel: 01908 226450

Heat for service and process water

The heat recovery process is the same as for heating water. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are used to prevent oil from penetrating the service water even if there are leaks.

Hot water for heating purposes

Plate heat exchangers are used to produce hot water.The heating water runs through “plates” within a closed housing. The hot compressor oil flows between plates and housing and delivers its heating power to the hot water.

Hot air for room heating

The heated cooling air is used to heat a room via a ductwork system. Temperature controlled valves achieve a regulated, adjustable room temperature. In winter the heat from the exhaust air is used entirely or partly for heating purposes. In the summer it is blown out into the air via an exhaust air channel.

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