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Air Compressors - Hire or Purchase?

When considering upgrading your Compressed Air System why not compare Hiring rather than purchasing outright.

Air Compressors are an essential part of production and is in most cases one of the most expensive utility costs by way of energy consumption and on going capital expenditure .

It is quite typical that the purchase of a totally efficient system can be compromised by the capital available. By hiring a complete system you have the option to install the latest technology and capitalise on the cost/energy savings from month one.

Variable 70 Almig Compressors

Add the option of variable speed and Heat recovery it may be possible to actually have the latest system and save the total monthly hire cost in energy saving or heat recovery vs your current system.

Example: :Lets say you have 2 x 45 kW screw compressors currently installed. Operation is 6,000 hrs per year and one compressor is 100% load whilst the other is 60% (totaling approx 400 cfm).

This equates to an approx energy cost of £57,000 p/a

By installing an energy efficient variable speed compressor would result in an energy saving of £11,000 p/a

If you then add the option of a heat recovery system this potential could recover 94% of the installed power to be used a space heating or heat large volumes of water for Boiler feed water, domestic wash rooms, shower, or general hot water applications.

If we consider recovering just 60% of the installed power this could potentially save another £50,000 per year.

Heat Recovery Potential

All this in additional to a reduced service cost, improved air quality (as the latest filtration and dryer would also be installed) could all add up to an energy saving of £61,000 which more than covers the rental cost of the complete new compressor system.

Whats more the savings are made year after year, saving your capital to invest in other cost saving areas.

We appreciate that the figures are random and not all applications are the same. However, when you consider the actual savings that can be achieved, installing the latest technology and understanding how you can utilise potential energy recovery will offer a considerable payback on most compressor systems.

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