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Keeping Control of Compressed Air

Networking with Air Control

Internet-based remote monitoring

In the future it will be even easier to remotely monitor your compressed air generation thanks to visualisation via the ALMiG web server – regardless of where you happen to be at the time. The system ensures high reliability with convenient access to various parameters, prompt messages and comprehensive facts.

Up to ten compressors can be monitored in this way – regardless of the compressor type. The system works with both piston and screw or turbo compressors. The only prerequisite is that the web server is connected via an AIR CONTROL HE. State-of-the-art bus technology is used for the installation.

Air Control Monitor
Accessible parameters
  • Energy and compressed air balance, also available to download

  • Overview of the compressor station with the operating statuses of each individual compressor

  • Loaded / idle mode statistics of compressors

  • Data on delivery volumes, volume flows and motor starts

  • Detailed information about utilisation, network pressure and specific performance data

  • Data on energy efficiency and maintenance

The most important benefits:

  • Easy to operate via standard Internet browser

  • Can be accessed via company's own network or anywhere in the world via the Internet

  • Dial-in protected by user ID

  • Various parameters are depicted either in tables or graphs

  • Continuous monitoring of all parameters of relevance to operation

  • Active e-mail notification to up to 5 e-mail addresses in the event of warnings, maintenance work or faults

  • Convenient transfer of all relevant data into Office programs such as MS Excel

  • The parameters are displayed in a visually appealing way

  • CSV files for further processing

For more information on the best way to optimise and control your Compressed Air System Please call us now on tel: 01908 227892 or email me directly at:

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