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New Oil Free Scroll Compressor

Industrial Facilities supply partner, Almig have introduced the all new SCROLL compressors.

The new generation SCROLL combines creative ingenuity with advanced engineering to provide a top quality, oil-free compressed air solution. The new SCROLL series is 100% oil-free and is equipped with a high efficient IE 3 Motor and operates with 56 db(A) (SCROLL 04) at low noise level and low vibration.

Due to its compact design the SCROLL series is ideal for limited spaces or to be placed directly at the workplace. The product range includes delivery volumes of 0,41 – 1,64 m3/min at max. operating pressures of 8 bar.

The compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the 4 – 15 kW of power with virtually no losses.

Airend - The distance between fix and orbit scrolls has been precisely designed and produced to maximise air


Inlet valve - Through the inlet valve the intake air is carried into the compressor block. The optimised air flow minimises the pressure drop and noise level.

Radiator - The ribbed radiator is designed for a high efficient heat exchange and a low pressure drop. The air flows top down through the radiator to avoid a back flow of condensate.

For more information on this New exciting Oil Free Compressor please call us: 01908 227892 or email:

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