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Palletising Automation - IFL

Automating your process should not be a difficult process and could potentially save money and improve productivity.

Vacuum Gripper in action - Block Paving

By using vacuum lifting techniques it is possible to virtually pick and place any products.

VUOTOTECNICA - Octopus Vacuum Gripper

This video shows how Vacuum Technologies (formally Vuototecnica UK) was commissioned to develop a vacuum lifting system for 20 different product ranges all of differing sizes, weights and porosity

Many said that a "One System to suit all" could not be achieved.

With the excellent technical support of our vacuum partners VUOTOTECNICA this became reality.

The Octopus vacuum Lifting system can be adapted to suit most products for an automated process.

To view the full range of Octopus products available, please see the manufacturers web site:

To find out more on vacuum lifting and automation please contact us now on tel:

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