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Oil free compressor systems

LENTO - Oil Free Cmpressor

Industrial Facilities

offers the right solution for all applications that need clean, 100% oil free compressed air.

In many sectors, such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry or in the medical industry, oil free compressed air is a must in many applications. The water-injected screw compressor systems of ALMiG as an example guarantee this high degree of clean compressed air and provide further benefits.

Guaranteed 100% oil-free compressed air:

  • without a risk of the compressed air network being contaminated by oil

  • without a risk of potential production downtime and product contamination with incalculable follow-up costs

  • without a negative impact on the environment (caused by oil, condensate, …)

  • with value for money in line with market standards

  • generated in an eco-friendly and certified manner

Potential for saving energy

The speed-controlled direct drive of the LENTO series delivers maximum cost-effectiveness through

  • Volume flow adapted exactly to meet compressed air requirements

  • No switching cycles or resultant expensive idle times

  • Energy-saving soft start without current peaks Operating pressure can be freely selected between 5 - 13 bar in 0.1 bar steps

  • The reduction in pressure achieved saves money

The integrated refrigeration dryer:

  • Ensures low compressed air outlet temperatures, i.e. the customer doesn't need a separate refrigeration dryer

  • Avoids the cost of fresh water and water treatment

The oil-free LENTO series minimises service and maintenance costs compared with other, oil-free compression systems.

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