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Heat Recovery - Up to 94% from your Air Compressor

Saving money from a compressed air systems does not have to just be about air leaks and variable speed. There always has been a huge opportunity to save money by recovering some of the energy from your Air Compressors for heating water for domestic cleaning, heating usage, pre-heating boiler feed water or space heating.

FACT - it is possible to recover up to 94% of the energy by way of heat

from a typical lubricated screw type air compressor.

Energy Recovery Chart - Typical Lubricated Screw Compressor

So Why are you not considering this?

Many manufacturers see this as an opportunity to sell you a new

Air compressor and rarely want to inform you that you can achieve

these saving fro your current compressor.

This is why Almig and Industrial Facilities Ltd can perform

an energy recovery audit to establish precisely the savings that can be made with your existing plant set up and have a comprehensive range of products and techniques to recover energy from your existing Air compressor system.

For more information on how Industrial Facilities can help save you money by reducing your energy bill Call us now on tel 01908 227892 or email

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