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Bowl Feeders
pneumatics range
Laser Nitrogen Plant
Vacuum Pump
Bellows Suction Cups
Suction Cups
Becker Vacuum Pump
Side Channel Blower
Vacuum Solenoid Valves
Adsorption Dryer
Becker Vacuum Pump2
Air Control
Air Dryer
PSA Dryer
Pneumafore Vacuum Pump
FVP vacuum Unit
Belt Drive Compressor
Vacuum Lifting Head
COMBI Compressors
MFG Vacuum Generator
Pneumatic products
Industrial Facilities Group of Companies

IFL was originally formed in 2015 and incorporates independent Limited companies specialising in specific fields of Industry.  These industrial sectors include:

Each group company manufactures & supplies a comprehensive range of equipment and provide full technical, sales and service support throughout the UK & Ireland.

Our aim as group company is to provide our clients with expert knowledge within each industrial sector we serve and to ensure we provide the correct solution for the customers needs. 

We support many leading International brands of equipment manufacturers

Welcome to Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities Ltd, 6 Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, MK12 6HP - 1908 227892 - email
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